Write an editorial on the lassa fever scourge of god

Osiatuma assured residents of the state on the ability of the hospital to handle the disease, saying with the donated items and training given to their personnel the disease would be effectively curbed. Are they not being exposed to the virus?

Nigeria’s large rat population threatens Lassa fever war

This country belongs to all of us and we must see to it that our citizens are defended stoutly against any disease, no matter how deadly! It is transmitted to humans from contacts with food or household items contaminated with rodent excreta.

We publish news and views ranging from vigorous opponents of governments to government publications and spokespersons. The rodent that carries the virus is here with us, all we need to do is think.

The nursing student thought the disease only existed on the pages of the newspapers or on televisions. The local chiefs of the locale however concurred with the government that the decree by the Municipality was a positive step in reducing the high rate of open defecation in the area.

Suny There is no need for that because they birds of same passage!

Ebonyi battles Lassa fever

Mode of transmission of the virus includes contact with the feces and urine of rodents carrying the virus. A country where there is no punishment for high profile will always breed more vandals. Why did we have to wait for 44 of our citizens to die before action is being taken?

A deadly national ritual. We need a very strong judicial and prison systems.

NMA Chairman On Lassa Fever; Do Not Drink Garri With Cold Water

MindYourself Ayodele, did you hear yourself? It kills more thanpeople a year, many of them children in Africa. He said he would need at least three units of blood. He stated that the kits would enable the medical personnel in the hospital to effectively fight the disease which recently re-emerged in the state.

I sent one of his siblings to go and buy paracetamol, which he took and the thing continued. Thereafter, the virus uses its evolved strategies to express its genes, replicate its genome genes placed in the correct order and orientationand assemble its component parts nucleic acids and proteins in multiple copies or progeny offspring.

He explained that there was an instance where a particular Lassa Fever patient needed blood transfusion, but had no money, and it was clear that if nothing was done, the possibility of losing him to the virus was high.

However, Liberia has lost 4, Guinea lost 2, and Sierra Leone lost 3, I noticed he was very weak to go to work until he started behaving strangely and demanded that we take him to the hospital. As opposed to plants and animals, which are made up of cells, viruses lack cell walls and are, therefore, obligatory parasites that depend for replication on the cells they infect.

The grand patron of pipebreakers and EK Clark the godfather pipebreaker nko?Lassa fever has been a recurring decimal for health authorities since it was first diagnosed in in Lassa village of Borno State.

More worrisome is the revelation that Lassa fever outbreak portends high risk of another viral epidemic, Ebola. The Delta Government has donated personal protective medical equipment to the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Asaba, as part of efforts to curtail the scourge of Lassa fever in the state.

Lassa fever outbreak… Blame it on GEJ!

Columnist: Augustina Dansu File photo. This deadly viral infectious disease that kills its victim after an incubation period of 6 to 21 days, is. Lassa fever is preventable. With the re-emergence of Lassa fever in Ogun State, and the palpable fear that it might spread to other parts of.

For some Nigerians, the three months old Lassa Fever outbreak, which has so far taken close to 80 lives in the country, is a 'far away' disease, which probably take the lives of people who are not living normal lives, or who practically eat. Yet, the pain is not over yet. Her mother is presently on admission at the Lassa Fever Centre in Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital, in Edo .

Write an editorial on the lassa fever scourge of god
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