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The extensive soil erosion, p city of water and thick forests has been the nr obstacles to the development of agriculture. Select Page Essay on Population Population refers to the total number of organisms inhabiting in a particular area.

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With the improvement in medical science, it has become possible for couple who are unable to conceive, to undergo fertility treatment methods and have their own babies.

People in the country will earn money and will educate their kids so that they can do work for the growth of country. These problems are somehow correlated with each other.

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India is also facing the illegal immigration problem, a big number of immigrants, refugees come from neighbouring countries like Nepal and Bangladesh. The growing rate of population is a cause of several problems. Some Countries have high growth while some are having moderate or a very low increase in their population.

Essay on Population Growth in India — Essay 4 Words Introduction Population is the count of the number of persons living in a particular region. With this huge amount of population, businesses have a huge potential market for the economic scale. Jungles are cut down to make buildings, roads.

Due to consistently increasing level of population, poverty is also growing in many countries. The population of India is 2nd highest in the world with almost 1.

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A country can only get success when its citizens are healthy and live a happy and content life. If all the districts of the country are arranged in descending order of their densities as per census data and quartiles are calculated, following facts are highlighted.

Role of Government for Controlling Population in India Government has taken various initiatives to educate the people about the benefits of family planning.

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The current human population growth is something unprecedented in the history of the world. Minimum Marriageable Age The government has set the minimum marriageable age for men as 21 years and for women as 18 years.

Humans are the social animals, through the journey of evolution we started making groups and living together.

Deforestation means destroying their habitat. The population of India is 2nd highest in the world with almost 1. The rapidly rising population causes lack of education and job opportunities, which results in poverty. India is one of the youngest nations in the whole world and that population is in reproductive age.

It also creates pressure on the housing. It is all being done to accommodate the growing population. Fine or Penalty Just as the government can provide monetary benefits to those who do proper family planning, it should also put a fine on the ones who do not.

All these resulted in increased life expectancy, which helped the population to skyrocket.

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These districts have an average dense of persons. The rapidly growing population is one the major problems faced by India. The optimum growth in the population of a country can be utilized positively for the welfare of that country.

New Delhi, Bombay, and Calcutta have aroundstreet children each. Things that Impact Population Density The density of population in any area is calculated by dividing the total number of people by the area they are living in.Jan 14,  · In this video we, "Study Faster " are providing here a short essay on the topic "Problem of Increasing Population in India" in hindi, which is very important for SSC mts tier 2 and SSC chsl exam.

Jan 17,  · In this video we, "Study Faster " are providing here a short essay on the topic "Problem of Increasing Population in India" in English, which is very important for SSC mts tier 2 and SSC chsl exam.

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This essay will seek to compare and contrast China and India, focusing on what the major problems facing both are, why have they both had to implement policies regarding population control, and the long-term and short-term effects that these policies have on the two countries.

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