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A topic OR a type of writing -- you choose. I was inspired by our days spent walking beside the Mississippi River. It could be a shoe box, or a big cardboard box. The concept is simple enough except that teachers of junior grades may want to substitute a fictional diary or something else for the stream of consciousness.

Homeschool for Free: Literature Guides

Since the film has broken records, it is a little hard to predict where it will be by the end of the weekend. I gently remind the students about the no questions rule and tell them to just go with their gut and keep on writing. The general population also neglects their responsibility in preserving the earth and dealing with waste effectively.

This evolved into this assignment, wherein the student writes an autobiography of anything else. According to Alverman et. Box Office Assassinated August 25th, It was an ugly weekend, for the most part.

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The crazy thing about this writing activity is that they like it. Looking for a tougher challenge? Besides those two, only a couple of other films even have a realistic shot at becoming midlevel hits.

Do not give them to students who have organizational problems or need constant prodding to get going. Growth like that almost never happens at this time of year. Rap, specifically, can contain internal and external rhyme, assonance, consonance, simile, metaphor and much more.

I tried to add as much detail as possible, to demonstrate all of the intricacies which reside within nature. It could be the box a present comes in. Thus, they are creative but must demonstrate application of concepts and thinking skills.

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Brush up on your knowledge of coconuts Many of us think of coconuts as nothing more than a tasty beverage.The Creative Writing Activity That Every Student Loves Creative writing is always an amazing thing and by this way we can engage students in useful activities.

I read here quite new ideas and rules too which is great. Reply Delete. Dino Cascia February 24, at AM. Writing Lessons: The Memoir Unit.

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As the name suggests, this is a unit of ten lessons which is as much literature study as writing assignments and a review and practice of writing. Ray Saitz presents lesson plans complete with handouts. This website provides an abundance of information and a variety of great directions that poetry units can be taken in.

Outta Rays head incorporates rap music and a variety of other music genres as well as sample lessons, poems, activities, workshops, and more!

Outta Ray's Head have come some really good lesson plans! Ray (Mr. Saitz) also encourages other teachers to contribute to the site -- and they have!

Homeschool for Free: Literature Guides

The impressive list of lesson plans is divided into four main sections: Literature, Poetry, Library, and Writing. Homeschool for Free: Literature Guides. Reading Guides & Activities. First Stage Enrichment Guides. TeacherVision Literature Guides.

Shakespeare for Kids. Shakespeare Online. Read Kiddo Read. Penguin Teacher’s Guides.

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Outta Rays Head Literature Lessons. 7th Grade Literature Lessons.

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Book Units Teacher. Literature Learning Ladders.

Outta rays head writing activities
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