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In Concurrency and Computation: A Topical State-of-the-Art Review. Winner of the conference best paper award. Whereas traditional user interfaces of verification tools present proof states in a mathematical fashion, the SED analyzes the full proof and presents different aspects of it using specialized views.

A variety of verification tools and techniques was presented: Beyond Reachability Competition Contribution. In Daniel Kroening, Corina Pasareanu.


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The first is a testing product that automatically spots bugs and writes tests, which is one of the lower-hanging and most laborious parts of quality software development. Refining Undecidability Border of Weak Bisimilarity.

Ranjit Jhala and Kenneth L. Information Security Theory and Practices. Basin D, Cremers C. Lopez Pombo, and Mariano M. The seminar was an inspiring meeting where industry and academia shared ideas and insights from both formal methods FM and artificial intelligence AI domains.

Wattana Viriyasitavat and Andrew Martin. An exercise in extending the formal template language.


Science of Computer Programming, This provides a basis for the implementation of tools for automatically proving operational termination of declarative programs. Besides the main use cases to write, execute and debug source code, an IDE serves also as front-end for other tools involved in the development process such as a version control system or an application lifecycle management.

The use of Rippling to automate Event-B invariant preservation proofs. In Neha Rungta and Oksana Tkachuk. Reachability is decidable for weakly extended process rewrite systems. Ker, Hanno Nickau, and C.

Daniel Kroening

In Implementation and Application of Automata. Cornelius Namiluko and Andrew Martin. Nov 13 Ric Hehner described resolution. It has already been used successfully under Windows 7 64 bits and Ubuntu Check out our GitHub page for more detailed information. IET Information Security 7, In Theoretical Computer Science, This will also help us to improve the tool and hopefully eventually distribute a adaptable tool to the community.Cristina David, Daniel Kroening, and Matt Lewis University of Oxford Abstract.

In this paper, we identify a fragment of second-order logic thesis fragment is decidable over finite domains; specifically the decision problem is NEXPTIME-complete. If a formula in this fragment is sat. Model Checking Pointer Safety in Compiled Programs Jan Tobias Mühlberg [email protected] Ph.D.

Thesis Examiners: Jim Woodcock and Daniel Kroening. last four years, and who nally examined this thesis together with Daniel Kroening.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Himanshu Jain, Daniel Kroening, Natasha Sharygina, Edmund Clarke. TACAS13th International Conference on Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems. Satisfiability Checking of Non-clausal Formulas using General Matings. This thesis consists of three main parts.

After an introduction into the problem and its domain, the first part considers the design of an efficient decision procedure for. Sound and Automated Synthesis of Digital Stabilizing Controllers for Continuous Plants Alessandro Abate1, Iury Bessa2, Dario Cattaruzza1, Lucas Cordeiro1;2, Cristina David1, Pascal Kesseli1 and Daniel Kroening1 1University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom 2Federal University of Amazonas, Manaus, Brazil ABSTRACT Modern control is implemented with digital microcontrollers.

Division of Computer Systems: Publications from Advanced Ramsey-based Büchi automata inclusion testing. Parosh Aziz Abdulla, Yu-Fang Chen, Lorenzo Clemente, Lukás Holík, Chih-Duo Hong, Richard Mayr, and Tomás Vojnar.

In CONCUR — Concurrency Theory, volume of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, ppSpringer Berlin/Heidelberg,

Daniel kroening thesis
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