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Marcus arrives as a slightly out-of-focus bundle of adolescent problems. He seems a bit astounded with all that Marcus has to deal with, and because he's never experienced those things, he doesn't know how to help this kid who's looking so desperately for his guideance.

He is ironic distance incarnate, preferring music that fakes emotion to anything more genuine. He can see the point of pretty single mothers, though, and the book begins with his Amis-nasty scheme to capture the separated females of north London.

In other media[ edit ] Main article: InHornby received the E. At one point, Will sees how much Marcus is bullied at school and resolves to help him.

Not everyone is special, cool, or awesome, and we all have issues that make us unlovable and odd.

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Will, a socially aware and "trendy" person, aids Marcus to fit into s youth culture by encouraging him not to get his hair cut by his mother, buying him Adidas trainers, and introducing him to contemporary music such as Nirvana.

He simply wanted people. Hornby remains a major donor to the charity and is still involved as a vice president.

About a Boy

Sincehe has written a book review column, "Stuff I've Been Reading", for the monthly magazine The Believer ; all of these articles are collected between The Polysyllabic SpreeHousekeeping vs. His philosophy is to avoid clutter, whether of possessions or of personal responsibilities.

He also spends some time with his dad Clive, who visits Marcus and Fiona for Christmas together with his new girlfriend Lindsey and her mother.


In the beginning there are two stories, but as story passes on slowly the two stories turns into one and the two perspectives ends up being a to different ways of describing the same story or the same persons.

InHornby received the E. The two originally fight, but quickly become friends. Soon enough, others start to catch on to his ploy, and Will finds himself unwillingly drawn into the lives of actual children and their unwed mothers. All Marcus has going for him is a sharp wit and a strange ability to bring people together to provide a supportive substitute for a family.

An Americanized Fever Pitchin which Jimmy Fallon plays a hopelessly addicted Boston Red Sox fan who tries to reconcile his love of the game with that of his girlfriend Drew Barrymorewas released in Rachel is a single mother with a son named Ali Alistair who is the same age as Marcus.

Clive has a minor accident during some D.In the novel “About a Boy by Nick Hornby, the character of Marcus has to make numerous choices which affect his life in a variety of different ways. Marcus is 12 years old and because of this, he is often naive and hasty is his decisions but he makes them in order to protect himself.

Character Analysis And Summary Of "About A Boy" Of Nick Hornby Mémoires Gratuits: Character Analysis And Summary Of "About A Boy" Of Nick Hornby.

Recherche parmi + dissertations. Par TheNanino • 17 Décembre • 2 Mots (11 Pages) • 17 Vues4/4(1). Nick Hornby began his career as a novelist promisingly with High Fidelity(), a witty, cogent depiction of a thirty-five-year-old man’s inability to keep a.

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The originality and fun spilling over in Hornby's acclaimed debut, High Fidelity (), run deep and strong through this second novel, as a playboy pretends he's a single dad so he can date single moms, but finds his fantasies warped by the real needs of.

“About a Boy is a sweet, charming, and dryly humorous novel, one that was a joy to read. Author Nick Hornby has a definite skill for conversation, drawing relatable people, and infusing it all with plenty of bone dry quips and emotional engagement/5().

About a Boy by Nick Hornby: Marcus and His Choices Paper

Nick Hornby is the author of six internationally bestselling novels (High Fidelity, About a Boy, How to be Good, A Long Way Down, Slam and Juliet, Naked) and several works of non-fiction including Fever Pitch, Songbook and Ten Years In The Tub, a collection of his 'Stuff I've Been Reading' columns from the Believer/5(92).

About a boy by nick hornby
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