A story of the life of kinnie wagner

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Kennie Wagner

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William Wagner House

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Natalie Wood's sister urges Robert Wagner to tell the 'truth'

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Kenny Wagner

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True Stories from the Files of the FBI

from agronumericus.com On a beautiful spring afternoon of April 13,5 officers converged on the Holston River bank in Kingsport, Tennessee, guns drawn and ready for action. They were there to arrest a youthful fugutive named Kinnie Wagner, a native of nearby Scott County Virginia, now wanted by the law in Mississipp.

William Kenneth (Kinnie) Wagner (February 18, in Scott County, Virginia – March 9, ) commonly known as Kinnie Wagner (although Kennie and Kenny were also used) was a bootlegger in Mississippi, who murdered five people, including three lawmen.

He escaped from custody numerous times, but ultimately died in prison.

A story of the life of kinnie wagner
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