A research on the underground railroad

Every stanza ends with a reference to Canada as the land "where colored men are free".

Underground Railroad Essay Research Papers

Political background[ edit ] At its peak, nearly 1, slaves per year escaped from slave-holding states using the Underground Railroad — more than 5, court cases for escaped slaves were recorded — many fewer than the natural increase of the enslaved population.

Wilson, is a useful guide for locating these sources. Slaves main escape destinations on their way to freedom were either in the Northern states or Canada.

The phrase 'Underground Railroad' was first divulged during the early 's. The escape network was not literally underground nor a railroad.

Without the presence and support of free black residents, there would have been almost no chance for fugitive slaves to pass into freedom unmolested. They were best organized in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Yorkbut surprisingly efficient networks, often centered in local black churches, existed in most northern and border states, and even in Virginia.

In the mid-nineteenth century, popular publications contain a great deal of information, sometimes speculative, about fugitive slaves, their accomplices, and general anti-slavery activities.

The organization has received its name not because of using underground tunnels or trains neither one nor the other was usedbut due to the railway terminology used among participants. I will list some topic ideas below.

Research Paper on Underground Railroad

The current task is not simply to identify places where fugitive slaves stayed while en route to freedom, but rather to find and interpret evidence of the complex story of slavery and resistance in American history. Although many documents are housed in foreign repositories, some city directories, census abstracts, and newspapers and periodicals are available in local libraries.

Estimates vary widely, but at least 30, slaves, and potentially more thanescaped to Canada via the Underground Railroad. The Geography of Resistance, which is scheduled to be published later this year. Quilts of the Underground Railroad and Songs of the Underground Railroad Since the s, claims have arisen that quilt designs were used to signal and direct slaves to escape routes and assistance.

He went on to say that, although he honors the movement, he feels that the efforts serve more to enlighten the slave-owners than the slaves, making them more watchful and making it more difficult for future slaves to escape.

In reality, its work moved aboveground as part of the Union effort against the Confederacy. Details of escaped slaves were highly exposed and overstated in the North and South. He broke out of jail twice. He went on to say that, although he honors the movement, he feels that the efforts serve more to enlighten the slave-owners than the slaves, making them more watchful and making it more difficult for future slaves to escape.

Underground Railroad

I chose to research the Underground Railroad because I have heard so much about it, but my knowledge about the subject was very minimal. The resulting economic impact was minuscule, but the psychological influence on slave holders was immense.Sep 13,  · Watch video · The Underground Railroad was a network of people, African American as well as white, offering shelter and aid to escaped slaves from the South.

Underground Railroad

It developed as a convergence of several different. Underground Railroad Research Institute at Georgetown College Underground Railroad in Buffalo and Upstate New York: A bibliography by The Buffalo History Museum Newspaper articles and clippings about the Underground Railroad at agronumericus.com The Underground Railroad One of the most shameful periods in history was the institution of slavery in the nineteenth century 2.

Slavery was a divided issue in the ’s. Saying that a building was "on the Underground Railroad" is an extraordinary claim. It is a rare and honorable distinction, like liberating concentration camps, and cannot be awarded lightly.

We've all seen politicians claim bogus military service and it demeans everyone who did serve. Introduction The Underground Railroad, the pathway to freedom which led a numerous amount of African Americans to escape beginning as early as the ‘s, it still remains a mystery to many as to exactly when it started and why/5(1).

The Underground Railroad

This research paper will discuss how this was the nature of the Underground Railroad. Slowly, the connections of safe house grew until slaves were safely smuggled form southern bondage to northern freedom as far away as Canada.

A research on the underground railroad
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