A description of how important it is to preserve and save tropical rain forests

If you have learned about it, whether from school or other sources, then you may know most of this information, if not all of it. Research and experience has shown that the restoration of entire ecosystems is most possible in regions where parts or at least remnants of the original forest still remain and there are few human population pressures.

It has an unrivaled biological richness and diversity. The trees in the understory, or lower canopy, get little sunlight, so mostly shrubs, plants and small trees grow here.

Tropical forests exist mainly on infertile soils. In the Amazon, for instance, over half of the water found in the ecosystem is held within the greenery plants. And lastly, we will ourselves destroy our chances of survival as we will have to face the domino effects of all these reasons that have been enlisted above.

Cultural barriers also play a significant role, creating rifts between developed nation priorities and developing nation priorities.

However, this destruction can be slowed, stopped, and in some cases even reversed. This is a critical function considering this day and age where humans are contributing to so much carbon emission via forms of transportation and fossil fuel power plants.

Clouds form and rain falls, filling rivers and streams.

Why Save Rainforests?

Hunting activities have put animal species here in grave danger. If protected areas can be developed in such a manner to generate income for local communities, an increasing number of parks should theoretically create more economic benefits for a greater share of the population.

But in addition, many rainforest plants produce insecticides, herbicides and fungicides which could be useful to humans. Once the issues are brought into the light, the decision can be made about what should be done.

Why Preserve Rainforests?

Fragmentation of land is one of the major threats to the rainforestsand it can be attributed to natural processes such as volcanic eruptions as well as human activities such as deforestation.

It is difficult, however, for a tropical country to receive benefits from the development of pharmaceuticals from their rainforests.

United Nations University Press, discuss polycultural techniques in the rainforest including agroforestry and examines the highly dynamic nature of traditional agriculture in the Amazon.

Thus, a destructive cycle ensues. Local people and the government itself must see financial returns to justify the costs of maintaining parks and forgoing revenue from economic activities within the boundaries of the protected area.

Tropical rainforests can be found near the equator in Central and South America, central Africa, southern Asia, Hawaii and in northeastern Australia.

Over types of plants that you find in the rainforest can be used to help aide in cancer treatment because they have anti cancer properties. These chemicals are extracted from its leaves, bark, seeds, and fruits. Saving the rainforests of the world has never been more important, particularly as climate change increases in severity, making global carbon sinks of critical value.

Why Are Rainforests Important?

Today the concern is how to best utilize lands already cleared so they support productive activities, now and for future generations. You can find rainforests in many countries, not just in South America. Restore damaged ecosystems by planting trees on land where forests have been cut down. Why Should We Care?

Although the secondary forest will be low in diversity and poorly developed, the forest cover will be adequate for some species to return assuming they still exist. Another example is the Vincristine, which is extracted from the rosy periwinkle of Madagascar.

Without improving the well-being of people living in and around forests, we cannot expect rainforests to persist as fully functional systems and continue to cater to our needs.

Thousands of rain forest animals become extinct every year. In fact, you probably lose over 80, football fields worth of rainforest each and every day. Cloud rainforests are usually at higher altitudes and thus cloudy and cool; dry lowland tropical forests have more pronounced wet and dry seasons while moist tropical rainforests are wet and warm year round.

The company has agreed to share a portion of the profits from these products with local communities through conservation and development initiatives.

Why is economics important in conservation? At the current rate of depletion, it is estimated that 5—10 percent of tropical rainforest species will be lost per decade. The Fragile Tropics of Latin America: It is situated on the north-east coast of Queensland, in the larger Australia.

Deforestation is the main source of rainforest degradation in the world. Where rain forests have been cleared from the land, much less rain falls.

Many websites say that huge percentages of earth's oxygen are produced in rainforests, but that appears to not be true.Mar 07,  · When it comes down to it, it is really important to preserve our world’s rainforests.

If you think about how much of an impact the rainforests actually have on our life, even if we don’t live anywhere near a rainforest, you will really see the importance of keeping them around. Sep 20,  · How to Save Tropical Rainforests?

Tropical rainforests are found around the equator mostly between the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn. It is said that usually, all months have an average precipitation of at least 60 mm. Average annual rainfall is no less than 1, mm. Plants grow more rapidly in these forests.

Rain forests globally are important to the sustainability and preservation of biodiversity. Although they may vary in location and inhabited species of plants and animals, they remain important worldwide to the production of resources and land use.

The Importance of Tropical Rainforest Conservation in the Modern Day world. By Dusty Brett. Since the beginning of civilization, the tropical rainforests have been used to sustain the survival of people and facilitate trade between different groups.

Tropical rain forests can save your life. About one-fourth of all the medicines we use now come from rainforest plants. More than 1, varieties of tropical plants are thought to be potential cures for cancer.

What can students, of all ages, do to help save the rainforest: Rain forest destruction (in both tropical and temperate climates) is caused .

A description of how important it is to preserve and save tropical rain forests
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